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Shell Helix Diesel HX7

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Helps clean and protect for extra responsiveness


  • Better engine protection
    Shell Helix Diesel HX7 works harder to prevent soot deposits than conventional oils.


  • Longer protection thanks to enhanced oxidisation resistance
    Up to 19% more protection than other synthetic-technology leading brands tested.


The power of cleaning for an efficient engine


Shell Helix Diesel HX7 motor oil uses special Active Cleansing Technology to help diesel engines operate efficiently. Soot from diesel combustion can increase an oil’s viscosity and force the engine to work harder. Shell Helix Diesel HX7 is designed to remove soot from engine surfaces without a large change in its viscosity. The oil actively cleans the engine and continues to flow quickly, which helps the engine to operate more efficiently.


In studies carried out by an independent research agency, drivers said that their cars felt more responsive after a Shell Helix Diesel HX7 oil change. The oil in a clean engine has improved access to surfaces, so that the engine is more responsive and better protected.


The excellent cleaning power and shear and oxidation stability of Shell Helix Diesel HX7 mean that it goes on delivering its benefits throughout the oil-change interval.


Shell Helix Diesel HX7 is specifically formulated for turbocharged and intercooled, direct-injection, high-performance diesel engines that are fitted with blow-by-gas recirculation and without particulate filters. The oil meets vehicle manufacturers’ severe-service specifications.


Drivers felt their cars were more responsive after a Shell Helix Diesel HX7 oil change. Driving in Istanbul, Turkey, is tough, as it has one of the world’s most severe start–stop urban cycles. Drivers of a variety of cars were asked about their driving experiences in the city by an independent research agency.


Then the oil in their cars was changed. In a blind test, more than half of the 147 drivers whose cars received Shell Helix Diesel HX7 noticed that their cars were more responsive to drive. Typical comments included: “The engine runs more comfortably” and “My car’s power has improved.”


Specifications and approvals


Because lubricants vary in quality, universal criteria are used to describe oil performance and usage. Shell Helix motor oils not only meet these increasingly demanding international specifications but usually surpass them. Shell Helix Diesel HX7 exceeds these specifications: API CF; ACEA A3/B3/B4; MB approval 229.1; VW 505 00; PSA D level III.

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