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The power of attraction

Or is it the attraction of power? Because that’s the first thing you notice about Focus’ new body shape. It virtually ripples with power, even at a standstill. The toned athleticism of its Z-shaped body lines and stylishly elongated headlamps gives a sense of perpetual motion - that Focus is alive inside and out. A true promise of the driving experience that awaits. And it’s not all show either. The body has been injected with ultra high-strength boron steel, four times stronger than standard high strength steel, but much lighter, to deliver where it counts. With greater protection and better fuel efficiency.


All systems go

You don’t need a pilot’s licence to take the driver’s seat in the Focus. But the immediate sense of control this modern cockpit-like interior gives you is no fluke either. Seated low, you immediately feel connected with your car. Everything you need is at your fingertips and in your sights, so you’re in total control. Craftsmanship and attention to detail is obvious in the quality of every finish. Sophisticated use of colour and design creates a crisp, clean interior. Which is why your friends may think you paid more than you did. But that’s just something you’ll have to get used to.


A drive you’ll never want to end

Is there such a thing as a driveaholic? If there wasn’t before, there is now. Because driving the Focus is a serious pleasure. Sitting in the driver’s seat you feel connected to the road like never before. 
Gear changes are smooth and the car responds like it’s reading your mind. Every corner you take, you take like you’ve done it a thousand times before, finding perfect balance as the car automatically transfers torque to traction. And what would a car that makes driving so addictive be if it didn’t deliver on fuel economy? 
GDI and Ti-VCT technologies combine to deliver a powerful, refined and fuel-efficient engine.


Totally intuitive

It begins the first time you start the Focus with nothing more than the touch of a button. The addictive pleasure of driving a car that’s intuitively in-tune with you. It puts you effortlessly in control with technology that has all the right ‘apps’ covered. And we mean effortless. One touch of a button and Active Park Assist parallel parks your car in a matter of seconds (Titanium+ & Sport+ series only). You don’t even need to touch the wheel. But when you do need to keep your hands safely on the wheel, Focus can do the rest for you. Just ask and it will dial friends and family, play your favourite music, even set the perfect inside temperature.

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Great Value

The 2014 Ford Focus is a great little car with plenty of interior room and plenty of character. We really like the ride and love the great gas mileage. I just moved from a Civic and I feel like this Focus drives even better! If you are looking for a small car then try out the Focus.

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great little car!

i've bought my 2014 focus last year and have loved every minute of driving it! i get much better gas mileage than advertised. i often travel outstation and find it a very comfortable ride. it has great power when i need to step on it, very little road noise, and easy maneuverability. i looked at comparable cars but my focus seemed much sturdier and the interior more luxurious. best car i've driven in a very long time =)

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