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TR-5 10W40

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Torco TR-5 Semi Synthetic Oil

Torco TR-5 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is specially formulated for high performance and street engines to provide the most engine protection and power output. The unique blend of synthetic and hydro processed petroleum base stocks provides exceptional thermal stability and superior ring sealing capabilities under severe conditions. TR-5 incorporates Torco’s proven unique combination of performance additives and polymers designed to reduce wear, eliminate engines deposits, and maintain optimum oil pressure for better engine performance.

>Synthetic blend formula
>For high performance street engines
>Exceptional thermal stability and ring seal
>Superior wear and deposit control
>Minimizes frictional loss

TR-5 SAE 10w40 is recommended in all stock, tuned, or street engines, and light trucks and sport vehicles where SAE 10w40 is specified.

Exceeds API Category SN, SM, SL & SJ performance requirements. Exceeds U.S., European, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other foreign auto makers engine oil requirements.

Typical/Test Data
SAE Grade ASTM#      10w-40
Appearance Visual      Amber
Specific Gravity @15.6/15.6°C D-1298      0.861
Lbs/Gal Tables      7.182
Viscosity @ 100°C D-445      15.21
Viscosity @ 40°C D-445      95.19
Pour Point, °C D-97      -30
Flash Point, °C D-92     235
CCS Viscosity, cP @ °C D-2602      5058@-30

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