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Ultra Glass Coating Neo

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What is Ultra Glass Coating NEO?

Ultra Glass Coating NEO is the latest in body coating technology which forms a slippery “glass based” hard coating that is dirt resistant. The key component is a new generation of material known as “Polysilazane”. This material forms into a hard glass like coating to protect the painted surface of one’s cherished car. After coating, Ultra Glass Coating NEO resists deterioration caused by oxidation and cuts the damaging effects of UV rays thereby protecting against colour fading and uneven discoloration. 

With Ultra Glass Coating NEO, there is no need to use conventional waxes as the vehicle will stay beautiful with the superior and easy maintenance characteristics of this body coating technology.



Features of Ultra Glass Coating NEO


Next generation ploysilazane coating

"Ultra Glass Coating NEO” is formulated with a new generation material called polysilazane, which reacts with the moisture in the air and transforms to a glass-based coating.


Glass-based hard coating ensures long-term durability

"Ultra Glass Coating NEO” transforms to a glass-based hard coating that prevents deterioration of the paint surface and provides excellent weathering resistance


Effective protection of vehicle body in any harsh environment

The hard and heat-resistant coating of the “Ultra Glass Coating NEO” effectively protects the body from high temperatures, dust, scratches, etc.


Smooth and slippery layer provides excellent antifouling effect

With a smoother surface, it keeps dirt away and allows any dirt that has adhered to the surface to be easily removed with water.



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