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SR-5R 10W60

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SAE: 10W60

Torco SR-5R 100% Synthetic Racing Oils are engineered to protect engines under severe racing conditions andoffers the highest level of performance and engine protection. It features a combination of Group IV and Group III base stock technology along with Torco’s exclusive race proven additive chemistry, MPZ®. It provides excellent anti-wear and anti-friction of vital engine components including bearings, cams, cylinders, pistons, rings and valvetrain parts by minimizing frictional losses to deliver more horsepower and torque output. SR-5R Synthetic Racing Oils are formulated to Torco’s proprietary race specific additive technology. Developed under the most severe racing conditions, Torco SR-5 R 100% Synthetic Racing Oils offer the highest level of performance and protection for highly modified race engines. SR-5 R utilizes Group IV/V synthetic base oil chemistries and additive technologies engineered to withstand extreme loads, constant severe temperatures and maximum engine revolutions. SR-5 R utilizes Torco’s race specific MPZ® technology, which reduces frictional losses for maximizing horsepower and torque.

> Group IV/V 100% Synthetic Formulas
> Maximizes horsepower & torque output by as much as 4%
> Reduces engine temperatures
> Highest level of engine protection

Recommended for use in high performance street and racing applications. Applications can vary from naturally aspirated, injected, super charged and turbo charged engines found in sports cars (imports & domestic), hot rods, drag race, circle track (NASCAR, Modified, Sprint Cars, Midgets) and road racing applications. SR-5 is formulated to Torco’s proprietary race specific additive technology.
Exceeds API performance requirements. Intended for racing applications.

Typical/Test Data
SAE Grade ASTM#      10W-60 
Appearance Visual      Amber 
API Gravity D-287      33.50 
Specific Gravity @15.6/15.6°C D-1298      0.858 
Lbs/Gal Tables      7.151 
Viscosity @ 100°C D-445      24.22 
Viscosity @ 40°C D-445      157.02 
Viscosity Index D-2270      187 
Pour Point, °C D-97      -45 
Flash Point, °C D-92      238 
Fire Point, °C D-92      245 
TBN D-2896      5.2 
CCS Viscosity, cP @ °C D-2602      5600@-25 

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