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Super 4

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Innovative and powerful: High-end for optimum starting

This high-performance spark plug operates on the latest surface air gap principle. It is the first spark plug to have four thin ground electrodes with a pointed, silver-plated center electrode. This technical superiority also becomes apparent in the engine performance in all driving situations and throughout the entire service life.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Appreciably better acceleration
  • Far smoother operation
  • Superior engine elasticity
  • Factory-set electrode gap
  • Eight possible spark gaps for greater ignition reliability
  • Self-cleaning thanks to surface gap design
  • Extended heat range: Capacity for up to three times more cold starts than with conventional spark plugs
  • Enhanced environmental and catalytic converter protection


And: The Super 4 spark plug can also be used in older vehicles, so that they too can benefit from the advantages of modern spark plug technology.

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