• What is Auto360? is a directory with automotive network gateway by connecting automotive manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Offering convenience features like finding the nearest and best automotive retailer at the touch of your fingertips, and also locating the nearest and reliable road assists are just a tap away.

  • How to search?

    You can search either by retailers or workshops, products and road assistance (tow service). Just search by using the drop down menu or insert keyword and click search button.

    If you want to search by location, just insert the state, city, area or postcode to the Location's box and click search button.

    You can even search the nearest to your current location by clicking the 'Current Location' button.

  • What is road assist and how to used it?

    It's a real time road assist feature that connect your device current GPS location. Also provide you the search result which you requested.

    Just insert your area or click the 'Nearby' icon in order to search nearest Towtruck or Mobile Mechanic.

  • Does Auto360 have mobile app?

    Yes, is available in mobile apps and it is totally Free. It can be downloaded in both Apple Store and Android Playstore. Simply search "" in the app store and click install.

  • How do i join Auto360?

    You can join by registering as an user member. On the top right corner, click Log In and then you may select to register with either your Facebook account or create an account in our website.

    By filling all the information required and agreed to the T&C and submit the registration.

    You are pretty much done but do remember to verified your account by clicking the link in your email if you create an account through our website with your email.

  • I cant find retailers or products on Auto360 to review? How can i get it added?

    If you are already listed as a Retailer, please write to us at on updating account information.

  • VISITORS & MEMBERS > Reviews and Ratings

  • How do i write a review?
    1)  Click the Write Review button on the top right corner.
    2)  Find the retailers or products you'd like to review:
    Note: If you can't find the retailers or products you are looking for, we may not list it yet. Go to Contact Us, fill in the enquiry form to request for new listing.
    3)  After you submit your review, you will see the review title in the Reviews page of your profile, and it will be marked pending. Your review will be processed in a few business days.
  • Will my review ever be on other websites or publications?

    After you write a review, it becomes the property of Auto360. Occasionally we use reviews or portions of reviews written by our members on some of our partner sites, or in promotional materials. Consider it a compliment!

  • When will my review be posted?

    It usually takes 24-48 hours for reviews to be posted. It may take up to several days if your review requires a closer look by our editors.

    After you submit your review, you will see the review title on the Reviews page of your profile, and it will be marked pending. When your review is published, we'll send you an e-mail.

    If we can't post your review, we'll notify you with the reason why. Please note that in some cases we will also send an e-mail asking you to verify your review before we publish it.

  • Why is my review not posted?

    Most reviews are posted within 24-48 hours. If a review is report for a closer look, it can take a few days for verification. We base our decisions on what our members will find helpful and relevant.

    Some reviews that take longer to post on our website include content that not following our posting guidelines. For instance:

    1)  Personal attacks or language that is not appropriated.
    2)  Comments about other reviews or reviewers.
    3)  Reviews that were submitted for the wrong place
    If we can't post your review, we'll notify you by e-mail and let you know the reason why. At that point, you may choose to resubmit your review, keeping our posting guidelines in mind.
  • Our guidelines for reviews

    Auto360 will remove a review include but not limited to the following:

    1)  The review is written by Retailer and Products owner or staff.
    2)  The review submission is benefit- driven.
    3)  Duplicate reviews or reviews with similar content is repeatedly submitted or with different Auto360 account.
    4)  The review content is insulting or provocative.
    5)  The review content contains profanity or personal attacks.
    6)  The review is false or misleading.
    7)  The review or part of the review content is not original or is copied and submitted without permission from copyright holder.
    8)  The review contains commercial promotional text, picture or link.
    9)  The review contains self-promotional text, picture or link.
    10)  The review contains abusive or valgar language.
    11)  The review is not based on personal experience.
    12)  The review contains relatively serious complain or other legal matters but without proper proof of evidence.
    13)  The review is responding to a particular review/ comment.
    14)  The review contains photos only and lacks content.
    15)  The review contains external photo links.
    16)  The review content contradicts with rating.
    17)  The review content contains private and confidential material that needs to be removed.
  • How do i bookmark my favourite workshops or products?

    You can bookmark your favourite listing by clicking this LIKE icon on the right side of the listing. Then you can find all your favourite listings at your profile page.

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